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About Us

Monday night football. ASME meeting. Counter Strike. Attila the Hun on the history channel. Naps.

We here at Lexicon Industries realize that sometimes Monday nights are better spent doing something other than Thermal Physics. We also hate physics with a passion, a passion rivaled only by angry rabid dogs. We hate physics so very much that we're going to help you pass it. Ideally with flying colors. Of course that involves a bit of elbow grease on your part, but there comes a time in everyone's life where they need realize nothing in this world is truly free.

We would also like to extend a gracious thank you to our affiliate HivePC for letting us mooch off their webspace. HivePC predates us in providing useful guides and all sorts of info for confused students, so yeah. Check them out.

Also, here's a shoutout to our buddy who could always be relied on to provide explanations and/or derive equations at the drop of a hat. To "TML" who'd rather remain unnamed, thank you.

If you ever feel like contacting us, you're more than welcome to email us at LexiconIndustries@gmail.com. If you're expecting a reply, please expect a delay because we too have classes, jobs, and other assorted work that must be done. We promise to try our best in responding in a timely manner.

So thanks for coming out to visit us, we hope your stay has been enjoyable if not helpful or informative in some small way. We wish you the best of luck with thermo and with any subsequent physics courses you may take, required or not. Who knows, maybe in the future we'll be helping you with those too. Until then, rock on.


Got comments? Corrections? Or even better, donations? You can try us at LexiconIndustries@gmail.com,
but just to warn you, we might not be home.